The Lipton Group, Inc. has established itself internationally as an innovator in corporate redesign. The knowledge and experience that we offer our clients in the areas of organizational redesign and business transformation has been considered a critical factor for many successful change processes. As a strategic partner, The Lipton Group works with company leadership through implementation to produce substantial and sustainable improvements in business performance.

Whether you refer to it as organizational change, corporate reinvention or business transformation, bottom-line it is enabling a company to effectively deal with major issues, move beyond traditional limitations and enjoy a future that is distinguished by new levels of organizational effectiveness, productivity, profitability, performance and growth.

Corporations that have reaped the benefits of The Lipton Group's expertise include DuPont, Litton Industries, National Education Corporation, McDonald's, Becton-Dickinson and The Hillhaven Corporation. In fact, the management and organizational design models that we have developed have been adopted by other management consulting firms to assist them in their change management efforts.

The Lipton Group, Inc. is a team of senior-level consultants with the critical skills needed to ensure the success of any change initiative.


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